We’ve announced the winners and finalists in thenovelette.com’s Beauty Writing Contest.

Editors’ Choice Award Winner: Little Red Boots by Karen Cantwell

Readers’ Choice Award Winner: What Is Beauty? by Americanising Desi

Editors’ Choice Finalists:

The Bus To NY by Lucille Femine
Cathy’s Story
by Jeanne Newland
Beautiful Garden
by VK
Two Keys One Memory
by Beryl Hall Bray
On Beauty
by Helen Dring
by Lee Terati
My Glamorous Mother
by Adam Jeffries Schwartz
The Epitome of Inelegance
by Lita
How You See Me
by Joyce Townsend

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest – which had the most active voting of any of our contests to date! It has been such a pleasure to see the high quality of entries. We hope you’ll try again .

The Winner in each category received a $25 emailed gift certificate to Barnes&Noble.com.