We need your vote! And it’s so easy to tell us which stories you like the best (and the least) in our Writing Contest.

Do you want to vote?  Just go to the Writing Contest home page and pick any story to read it and place your vote.

How do you vote?  Right underneath the story title, you’ll see the voting stars.  Click on the first star to award the story “one star,” and over the last star to award it the all-time-best “five stars.”

Every reader can vote exactly once per story, so be careful! Once you’ve clicked on a star, your vote can’t be undone.

Why should you vote?  For each contest, a Reader’s Choice Award of a $25 gift certificate to an online bookstore is given to the story that is selected by the voters!

So what are you waiting for? Vote now, and tell your friends to vote too! It’s fun and the stories are a great — and fast — read.