Winners in writing contest # 2, Travel, at have been selected.*

This one's about Travel

The popular vote goes to Monkey Business by Helena MacLean!

The editorial judges have selected a winner from the top 10 finalist entries which were:

Courage To See Stars in Jordan , by Karrie Hawkins Erenoglu
The Kenyan Bends , by Alexandra Novis
Monkey Business , by Helena MacLean
A Service Vacation In Thailand , by Judy Evans
Upriver Into Borneo , by Mary J. Breen
Summer Vacation , by Renee Erreca
Du Vin & D’ennui , by Jodi Christie
The Things Mothers Have To Do , by Lori Strongin
The World It Is A Changin’ , by Roger Dean Kiser
The 43d Passenger , by Miriam Walker

And the Editors’ Choice WINNER is:

Du Vin & D’ennui by Jodi Christie!
At the request of the author, who is in process of publishing her stories elsewhere, we have removed this story from

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest. It has been amazing to see the high quality of entries. We hope you’ll try again.

*How the judging works:

  • The top 10 winners were selected based on five criteria, writing style, voice, surprises in some way, POV and story arc. Three judges vote independently on each of the 10 finalists.
  • For each of the 10 finalists, each story is given a rating from 1 to 5 (5 being highest) for each criterion. Each entry’s score is tabulated and then the three judges’ scoring is added together and an average score taken for each story with the highest total averaged score winning.