Writing Contest gives out two awards in each contest – an Editors’ Award and a Readers’ Choice Award.  Additionally, there are several Editors’ Award Finalists who receive recognition on the website.

How the Editors’ Award Winner and Finalists are selected: The top ten winners are selected based on five criteria, writing style, voice, surprises in some way, POV and story arc. Three judges vote independently on each of the finalists assigning a rating from 1 to 5 (5 being highest) for each criterion. Each entry’s score is tabulated and then the three judges’ scoring is added together and an average score taken for each story with the highest total averaged score winning. In the case of a tie, the one story that at least two of the judges has chosen wins.

How the Readers’ Choice Award Winner is selected: Visitors to the web site are able to give any story a rating from one to five stars. Each visitor can vote only once on any one story.  Visitors do not need to register or share any personal information to vote and can vote on as many stories in the current contest as he or she likes.  The story with the highest number of stars awarded wins.

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