Congratulations to the winners of our Holidays Writing Contest!

Reader’s Choice Winner: Linda M. Spear, My Spineless Valentine

Editor’s Choice Winner: Helen Dring, Twenty Christmases

Editor’s Choice Finalists:
Bruce Arbuckle, A Good Start
Judy Evans, A Tender Trap
Nicole, Happy Birthday, Your Majesty
Graham Parke, Greece Last August

Editor’s Choice Semi-Finalists:
Gretchen, We Used To Sit On The Beach
Kristi Rifenbark, Wishful Thinking
Sophia Ryan, Again
ShinLoo, Agony
Lee Terati, Fragile

Linda and Helen each won a $25 gift certificate for an online bookstore.  Helen, our Editor’s Choice Winner, also received a FREE consultation with Elite Editing, a New York-based copyediting service.

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