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A NEW (and exciting) Paranormal Romance Series — All About Wishing

Well, Shelly’s Second Chance, The Wish Granters, Book One is now available at

(hint: My co-author and I are both writing under pen names for this series but it’s still us, and I’m still LB from

We’re so excited, especially because we’re looking forward to hearing from all of you. Share YOUR wish by entering The Wish Granters contest. All about that below. And pick up your copy of Shelly’s Second Chance. Let us know if you think Shelly made the right decision (after making a whole bunch of wrong ones…)

And now, on to the contest.

Win A Girls Night Out Gift Basket (a $98 value)
It’s Easy! Just Make A Wish.

After a pair of accidents suspend their earthly lives, The Wish Granters, Alanna and Joe, find themselves in Transition, a nether world between life and death where they learn they’ve been teamed up to help grant a wish–one woman at a time. Depending on how well they perform their task, they could earn their way back to earth or beyond to heaven.

In Book One of the new series, Shelly wishes for a way out of her financial problems but that wish just starts the ball rolling.

After Joe and Alanna show up, Shelly’s life starts to resemble a roller coaster ride. A whirlwind trip to Vegas gives her everything she says she’s always wanted but, when her fiancé, Ben, shows up unexpectedly, events take such a drastic turn that Shelly realizes she may have been wishing for the wrong thing all along. Is Shelly doomed or will Joe and Alanna help her squeak through? And, once they grant her wish, will she truly be able to turn her life around? One thing though, Shelly must abide by The Wish Granters code: They’ll grant your wish, but the rest is up to you.

So what’s YOUR wish?

Share it by emailing us at and start wishing today! (Please include your name.)

There’s just one rule.* You can’t wish on behalf of anyone else. Women are always trying to make things perfect for the people they love, but in order to evoke the Wish Granter magic, you must stop for a moment and think about what you’d like for yourself.

Visit us:
FB: The Wish Granters
Twitter: @TheWishGranters

With Very Best Wishes,
The Wish Granters

*All entries will be posted at and The Wish Granters Facebook page. Winners chosen at the sole discretion of the authors. Upon notification of winning, the winner agrees to supply a street address for delivery.

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  1. December 31, 2011

    Blogged about your book – really really enjoyed it!

  2. January 1, 2012

    So glad you enjoyed the first in The Wish Granters series.

    Here’s to wishing!


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